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Who are we?

MAVIYOL GROUP FOR GENERAL INVESTMENTS is a Turkish company specialized in real estate investments, cars, maintenance, and livestock, based in Istanbul and licensed under the Turkish Companies Law and was established in 2018 and its tax number is 6131397421

Our Vision

Excellence by diversifying and increasing our investments and building joint links between the fields and services provided to gain the confidence of customers and shareholders

Our Goals

To provide high-quality and valuable products and services that improve consumers' lives. To achieve these goals, we must maintain our excellence in managing our investments and increase the market value, achieving success and prosperity for our employees, shareholders and customers.

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Our investment balance


Rental contract



₺ 40,000,000

The capital value of the company (market value)


Years of Experience


Number of Projects

The company aims to provide projects that meet the desires and ambitions of its customers by offering units of various sizes commensurate with all possibilities, taking into account the achievement of an important equation that includes four basic elements: distinctive location + design accuracy + quality of work + appropriate price.


That equation, which the company has always been striving to achieve Its projects, which is the goal that we always strive to achieve to ensure the satisfaction of our customers and gain their trust.

Our Core Values

Integrity and transparency

Integrity is at the forefront of the principles upon which we operate. We are committed to transparency in our operations and deliver on our promises.


We value teamwork and are working to establish close relationships with our partners, team members, customers and suppliers.

Trust and credibility

We are working to increase trust between us and our partners and customers by following the open book policy to enhance openness with us to the other and break down barriers to give greater credibility and confidence.


We seek, through our policies, to work to enhance the concept of privacy of business and funds through the preservation and preservation of rights to enhance the meaning of honesty among our shareholders and partners.

Customers service

We strive to provide the best customer service because our customers are our most valuable asset.


Innovation is the driving force that leads us to progress. We keep up with the latest developments and look for new ways to inspire innovation.

Efficiency and sustainability

We support adopting a sustainability approach to positively impact the environment.

Success Partners

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Our Memberships


Maviyol group
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